Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To see you again

Far away you lie
To Malaysia I must fly

To see you again
Never again

Underneath the rocky structure
A beautiful graveyard lies
Where you eternally rest in the grave
Towards you I run up the stone pave

"I want to see you again" My heart cries
All of my strength I must muster

One day I will make you proud
As you watch from the clouds.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Silent Secrets of Maldives

The sea glistens in the sun
It looks like a sea of diamonds
Along the shore people run
Waves crash within seconds

A chain of isands
Beaches with white sand
A chain of emeralds
On dark blue silk

In the Indian Ocean
A country without caution
The native country of mine
To foreigners we shine

A nation without trust
Dawn or dusk?
The criminals of the capital
Never sleep

Discipline is abominal
Through the stones our blood seeps
Our youth drenched in drugs
Many of them rough thugs

The streets are packed
Vehicles everywhere
Our missing journalist must be tracked
As he is to be found nowhere

Darkness lingers in the nation
There is no room for persuasion.

Dhaaniya, m. Decemeber 2014

The Ocean

The ocean so vast
The water flowing past

Towards the shore come the waves
What is washed away
Only god saves
The ocean does every thing that it may

Peaceful, beautiful and deadly
Beasts of the ocean swim slyly
A habitat of great biodiversity
But the ocean can cause great calamity

The ocean speaks not
But bears all
We throw all we have got
The damage we cause is not small

Harmful substances released
A new range of diseases unleashed

We are a race that does not care
Love is given to others of us
We do not share
To dispose waste we rush

The ocean is kind
A place in our heart it cannot find
It provides the food we eat
Different types of aquatic meat

Heartless creatures we are
Destroying it near and far
Poisoning the ocean we continue
The result of destruction we can now view

Mariyam Dhaaniya, December 2014