Sunday, December 28, 2014

Silent Secrets of Maldives

The sea glistens in the sun
It looks like a sea of diamonds
Along the shore people run
Waves crash within seconds

A chain of isands
Beaches with white sand
A chain of emeralds
On dark blue silk

In the Indian Ocean
A country without caution
The native country of mine
To foreigners we shine

A nation without trust
Dawn or dusk?
The criminals of the capital
Never sleep

Discipline is abominal
Through the stones our blood seeps
Our youth drenched in drugs
Many of them rough thugs

The streets are packed
Vehicles everywhere
Our missing journalist must be tracked
As he is to be found nowhere

Darkness lingers in the nation
There is no room for persuasion.

Dhaaniya, m. Decemeber 2014

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